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Winfield Art


If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Contact Person: Darlene Winfield


My inspiration to paint evolved early in childhood and has forever been in my heart.

With the opportunity to live abroad in Mexico and Indonesia and travel the world my horizons were  broadened. It was thrilling to  study and experience the light, colour and the atmosphere in different countries.  The ability  to see beyond my world was invaluable. Due to the exposure to so many art forms I constantly re-invent my colour palette. Art becomes a journey through oil paint and is encouraged by memories that 'pop' into my consciousness. To explore my surroundings and those I have visited spurs me to create new and exciting paintings.  It is what keeps me exhilarated in my studio, the next step in paint.

My years were spent drawing, studying art and art history in Greece, Italy, England, Mexico and Indonesia.  

The thrill of visiting countries, museums and cultural centres in person, left an indelible impression on me and continues to influence my paintings to this day.

My painting method is traditional oil application.  It is enhanced with layering to create texture and/or atmosphere.  Depth is very important to me in my paintings. When needed, mediums for a painting will be added. 

The use of brushes, a palette knife and my hands to work with mixed media and oil paint allow me to dive into my paintings. Expressing impressionism with hints of semi-abstract is my stance.  I give my all behind each stroke, and that is what encourages me to continuously paint. 

Life for me, has been a long and often difficult journey to be a painter.  Painting is an escape where I create my own world and I am most grateful.

Collections held in Canada, United States, Holland, Scotland and Germany.

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Haliburton Curling Club & A.J. LaRue Arena
730 Mountain Street
Haliburton, Ontario
ON K0M 1S0
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