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YMCA Camp Wanakita

1883 Koshlong Lake Rd.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Contact Person: Mary Cox
Phone: 705-457-2132

Wanakita is waking up on 1,000 pine-scented acres on the shores of Koshlong Lake in Ontario’s magnificent Haliburton Highlands. It’s freshwater lake and woodland trails, sand beach and swimming docks. It’s beaver dams and dragonflies, sandy beach and docks. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect traditional camp setting for crafting friendships and memories – nor could you!

Wanakita is kita hunts and climbing walls, guitar lessons and kayaking. It’s archery, crafts, tetherball, mountain biking and every camper’s favourite – swamping! It’s snow golf, broomball and tobogganing too. It’s more activities than you can shake a paddle at. And it’s all here waiting for you.

Wanakita is the rush of pride you feel when you earn your polar bear badge or complete a Crown Point overnight.  It’s dipping a paddle for the very first time or attaining your purple dog tag. It’s pulling together as a team to conquer the high ropes tower. It’s challenge by choice, in the safety of YMCA camp surrounded by qualified leaders. It’s following strong role models…and becoming one yourself.

Wanakita is finding yourself excited about snack, even though you’re full from dinner. It’s food your way whether that’s, hallal, kosher, vegan or s’mores and camp juice. It’s more than delicious and nutritious. It’s mealtime at Wanakita and it rocks! It’s hands up and lips tight so you don’t miss a single exciting announcement. It’s Bedhead Breakfast, theme meals and yelling your cheer simply because you are a junior --  a mighty, mighty junior. Senior, junior, kita or family camper – you’re all Wanakita family now. 

Wanakita is campfires. (We love campfires!) It’s Kangaroo Court and repeat-after-me songs, crazy skits and nonsense songs. It’s starting fork versus spoon in the dining hall and stomping your feet and clapping your hands. It’s spatula speeches and stops at the tuck shop. It’s forest games and SC Challenges and becoming a lifelong member of S.C.U.M . It’s repeating “We love campfires” again and again and driving the grown-ups crazy. And it’s that favourite campfire song, and that other one, and that other one.

Wanakita is being tucked into your cabin after a day filled with new adventures and with a heart filled with new friends. It’s the night sky and bright stars that will forever remind you of your time here. It’s where devices are turned off and people tune in. It’s where busy families grow closer, where lifelong friendships take root and grow stronger with each passing year. It’s where Kangaroo Kourt and campfires take on epic proportions, where time almost stands still, where nothing matters more than what you are doing at the moment. It is the people and the place that become part of you forever. 

Wanakita is the place to have the time of your life. 

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