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Mary Kay Cosmetic's

618 County Rd 41

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Contact Person: Debbie Bujold
Phone: 705-454-2114

We never compromise when it comes to the quality and safety of our products.
We make product decisions based on scientific fact, not opinion.
We push the boundaries of innovation to consistently surprise and delight you.
We always put you first.   

Our Commitment to Product Safety
  • Safety is an integral part of every phase of product development. 

  • To ensure product safety, quality and performance, every year, we spend millions of dollars and conduct hundreds of thousands of tests, including clinical studies with independent dermatologists, ophthalmologists and other medical experts. 

  • All skin care and cosmetic products are regulated by government health and safety authorities. Although cosmetics standards vary worldwide, our guiding principle is to always deliver against our high standards. Mary Kay meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements in each market where our products are sold.  

  • If we can’t verify an ingredient’s safety, we won’t use it. Of the thousands of ingredients evaluated in our research centre by toxicologists, microbiologists and other degreed professionals, only the highest quality ones are chosen for further development. 

  • We invest heavily in the research and development of new technologies that can evaluate the safety and efficacy of our products, and we collaborate with experts in the scientific and academic fields to advance the science of safety testing. 

  • As part of our safety protocols, we conduct testing on multiple skin types because everyone’s skin reacts differently. These studies include assessing skin irritancy and allergy. With few exceptions, Mary Kay® products are suitable for use by people with sensitive skin. 

  • Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the development of a safe and effective formula. To make sure our products perform well in the real world, we test above and beyond, like exposing them to intense cold and heat to make sure they can survive any weather extreme. Conducting gravity-impact tests to confirm packaging durability. And performing vibration tests to ensure the formulas won’t separate. We leave nothing to chance because we want to exceed your expectations every time. 

Our Always List
WE SCREEN  We carefully screen every ingredient. If we can’t verify its safety, we won’t use it.     
WE TEST  To ensure product safety, quality and performance, we spend millions of dollars and conduct hundreds of thousands of tests every year, including clinical studies with independent dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and other medical experts. 
WE INVESTIGATE  We actively investigate and monitor issues related to product safety and take action based on scientific fact. 
WE PROHIBIT  We go above and beyond the more than 1,300 ingredients banned worldwide to meet our high standards of product safety.
When it comes to product safety, we always put you first.
Mary Kay Does Not Support Animal Testing.
Mary Kay does not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients. Nevertheless, there are still some governments that conduct animal testing before they will allow certain products to be sold in their country. Mary Kay is committed to the elimination of animal testing and is a strong advocate of utilizing alternative methods to substantiate the safety of our ingredients and products. For almost three decades, we have been a global leader in helping to develop alternative testing methods to ensure product safety, and we will not rest until we convince all governments that alternative methods are a better way to ensure cosmetic product safety. Our commitment continues in partnership with global regulatory agencies that manage cosmetic safety, with animal advocacy groups and with leading animal alternative researchers. 
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